Friday, October 12, 2012

Vintage Aqua and Red Summer Picnic Wedding

My sister, Rachel, got married over two years ago in July 2010.  I love to decorate and planning or researching anything and everything is my forte.  So, when she finally got engaged (she's the baby in the family, only by 5 minutes but who's counting) we were SO excited to start planning her wedding.

I had already been looking for themes and colors that would match her personality and this one was screaming her name! She is very bubbly and happy go lucky and also very laid back... not too fancy but very CUTE and this aqua and red theme was so unique and so cute and absolutely perfect for her ultimate wedding venue, Trophy Lake Golf Course in Port Orchard, Washington. 

It took a bit of convincing to get her to believe that red and aqua would not be tacky or cheap looking but she hopped on board and we got to planning.  Below is a compilation of ideas gathered from everywhere on the net.  I wish I remembered more details about how each idea happened but it's all a blur now almost two years later.  

I am posting because after Malia's party, Rachel insisted that I should post the wedding pictures too.  Special thanks to Merissa Dunn and her Mom, Vaunee Birchler who so gorgeously executed all of these decorations and made this theme come to life.  It is virtually impossible to be both a part of the wedding party and the wedding planner too.  Merissa is an interior decorator by trade but her talents are definitely in the genes too!  I know it's been a while but if your reading this, thanks again ladies.

One of the main focal points and my favorite piece was this wedding sign.  This was an old tailgate on a classic truck our dad was restoring and decided to replace.  We used a piece and hand painted the lettering as close to a "Coca Cola" font as we could replicate.

Burlap, leftover aqua fabric and red picnic tablecloths/napkins were used to decorate the long ledge/bench against the far wall of the reception area.  A sheer sheet hung along the wall and make a perfect backdrop for all of our vintage accents... galvanized accents, vintage coca cola crates, red lanterns and adorable white daisies in mason jars and red gingham ribbon brought the look all together.

My Mom and my sisters made homemade strawberry jam for favors and topped them with gingham fabric and stickers that matched the font from her wedding invitation.  We were so lucky to have a cousin who volunteered to create the most adorable wedding invitations and these matching jam stickers.
Even the shelf that the jam sits on had a special meaning as it was salvaged from our Great Grandma's basement  who had passed away just months before at the grand old age of 101!

This windmill ended up being perfect.  This was a Dad find at the Harbor Frieght tools, his favorite place!  He was so excited with his find and even painted and put it all together for the big day!

Dad also found these aqua chairs and red buckets we filled with waters since it was the middle of July!

The two pedestals were remnants of our other sister, Sarah's wedding.  Dad had taken on the task of creating these last go round and then was happy to repaint them for his third and final daughters wedding!  Each aisle was lined with these daisy arrangements in hanging mason jars!  And check out that gorgeous waterfall background.

Fittingly, my Dad (the golf enthusiast) and Rachel arrived in style...  Dad drove Rachel around the clubhouse to the end of the aisle where he walked her down the aisle to give her away to his future son-in-law Casey.  Wish I had a picture of it, but my Dad and Casey even did a secret handshake they had practiced in front of the whole audience after he "officially" gave her away.  Too funny!

Just Hitched!

After the ceremony held in front of the waterfall, the party moved over to the open covered reception facility.    Loved the white banner fabric that was provided by the venue as well as the aqua lanterns over the dance floor.

I made this "Just Hitched" banner out of red burlap, stencils and white paint that decorated the head table!

Love the simplicity and sweetness of this cake and the red gerbera daisies were perfect!

Here we are, that's me 7 months pregnant, and my other sister, Sarah, she's Rachel's identical twin.  We are giving our sisterly Bridesmaid toasts!

Flower girls with blue bows, white dresses and galvanized buckets carrying their red rose petals.

Loved these low heeled patent leather bow tie wedges!

Mom and her girls..

A pre-wedding glimpse at the individual table decorations.  Aren't those wood grain tables amazing?  We had considered putting table cloths on the tables but they were so beautiful and so fitting that we decided to simply use the aqua runners and no table cloth!  Each table was topped with two mason jars with white daisies and red gingham bows, red lanterns and silverware wrapped it the red picnic napkins   There are also smaller wide-mouth mason jars with tea lights that we lit at dusk.

Well, better late than never.  Hopefully, these pictures and this post inspires someone to create.  Our inspiration came from posts just like these!  Ultimately, this was a non-traditional wedding theme but such a traditional wholesome look in the end.  Loved everything about it!

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  1. Rachel's wedding was so beautiful...and so HER. She's very blessed to have such a talented big sister to perfectly execute her big day. You're pretty fab girl ;)